Our Story

        We are three professionals who have been friends and Co-workers for over 12 years.  We work in a very fast pace career, which requires a lot of traveling throughout the US.  As most people who travel know, being away from your family, flying/dealing with airports, staying at hotels, long work hours, and trying to find time to eat and relax can wear a person out.

As we may be on the road and away from our families a greater part of the year, we try to find an outlet, which allows us to download and just get away. During a day off from traveling, a word was used to describe the fishing trip we were about to debark on. Which is where "Boondogglers LLC." was born.

Boondoggling best described as, “To do something of little value merely to keep or look busy”. Though some may interpret a fishing or hunting trip to be a waste of time, we look at it as a way to get away from the daily grind. However, you do not have to take a day off to boondoggle, make it a work boondoggle.  Get with your co-workers and setup a fishing or hunting trip, rent a RV, utilize the time to build a better team or to brainstorm for ideas.

We developed this web site to assist with making your boondoggle a success. Now, we cannot promise you will always, catch fish, shoot a trophy deer, it’s not going to rain RV-ing, but we can assist with finding the right person that will increase your chances at a successful boondoggle.

That is where our fellow boondogglers come in.  By posting a story about whom you used during a boondoggle, increases the chances for others to have their own successful boondoggle. 

Now you may be asking yourself. “What is the difference from just going through a search on the internet and your website?” Good question. A quote from William Bernbach “Word of mouth is the best medium”.  Google, “Charted Fishing” when this was done, it came back with 380,000 sites.  Then we googled charted fishing FL, 11,900,000 results came back, then the search was narrowed down to West Palm, FL, bringing it down to 743,00 listings.  Ask yourself, do you really have that kind of time to go through all these listings to find the best one out there? This is why we developed Boondogglers LLC, we are complying a list of charters, guides, RV sites, scuba locations where our fellow Boondogglers can utilize, so they can have a successful Boondoggle.  The journey will be long,  because we don’t want to be just another web site listing everyone out there, we want to list the ones that are successful, that care about having the best boondoggle ever.  

We would like to invite all the boondogglers out there, to stop by sit down for a spell and tell us your story.  No matter if it is good or bad, we would like to hear from you. Your input will make Boondogglers successful to all who use it.

Please take a tour through our website, let us know what you think, heck, if you think there is something we should change or add, let us know.