Its 5:30am, the coffee is brewing, the darkness is still covering the outside. The temperature outside still has a chill to it, but it is showing signs of warming up.   You then hear a car door close, you look outside to see your best friend unloading his fishing gear from the rear of his truck.  You go outside and hand him a cup of coffee, talk about what the day is going to bring.  You already have your boat connected to the back of your truck, loaded with your fishing gear and is gassed up ready to go. 

After a final check of the gear and boat, you depart and head to the lake. First making a stop off at the local bait shop.  As you enter, you see several friends that had already arrived. After several conversations on what is ahead, you gather your mino’s and extra tackle and depart for the lake.

Upon your arrival to the boat ramp; you wait a few minutes for the line of boats to clear. It is your turn now to back your boat into the water.  You do a double check to make sure all is good to go.  Once all is clear, you set off for a day of fishing. 

We only wish our workdays could mimic the same as mentioned above. Fishing, what a way to spend a day off, a day with the family, or just a day by yourself.  As we at Boondogglers take every chance we have to go fishing, there are times all we can do is sit at the office or work site and think about the next fishing trip.

But wait! What is Boondogglers all about, it is about helping our fellow sportsman to be able to take that fishing trip you keep thinking of.  We developed this site for people who come in and share their stories of their fishing trip they may have taken while on a business trip, a day off, or maybe a place they go to during lunch break to drop a line in the water.  There is more to a boondoggle, get with you bosses and bring up a team building trip, something that will be part boondoggling and part working.  You will be surprised what comes out of those trips.  Take it from us we are professional boondogglers.

Now, most of the fishing we do at boondoggling is normally during a business trip or planned time off. Therefore, when we plan a boondoggle, we want to ensure the time and money are well spent.  Looking for a guide is as easy as looking on the internet to see who is around your area.  But can you honestly say they are the best? Are they worth the money? Heck, they are on the internet, so they must be telling the truth…..Hmmm

We developed this web site to gather information to share with other boondogglers, to provide our experiences with guide services or places to fish if you do not want a guide. Remember word of mouth is the most powerful media there is.  Just think back to a time where you were excited about a fishing trip you spent days planning and the hard earned money you shelled out, just to find out the trip was a bust, no fish, the guide fished more then you, you ran out of bait so you ended earlier then you paid for. Believe us, we have been there before, nothing is frustration then going back to work stressed more then you were before the trip. Yes, you play it off, saying well it was better than working, but was it, the money spent, was not a few dollars; it was hundreds of your hard-earned money.

Our goal at boondogglers is to help take as much of the “dissatisfaction” out of your fishing trip. We cannot promise every trip will bring in the big fish or the weather will be great. Mother Nature holds all the cards on that one, but we can promise you, with the help of other boondogglers, you have a better chance at a better boondoggle. 

So, come right in, sit down for a spell and tell us about your boondoggle, who you used, where you went, and what you thought of the service you used, or the place you went to fish.

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