Looking back before supermarkets and fast food, hunting was a way of life; families would have to hunt to ensure they had amble food sources before the harsh winters would set in. With heavy snow, frozen lakes, and with many animals heading to warmer climates, sitting back and waiting was not an option for them. Some of the families would be gone for days hunting for food sources, be it deer, moose, elk, bear and so on. In addition, to top it off, the technology we have today with weapons, was non-existing back then.

 Ask yourself, if the world was to go back to the 1600, 1700’s, could you hunt to survive? We are sure there are many people in today’s world that look at hunting as barbaric, mean and a cruel sport.  However, again, hunting to us is not going out and shooting something for the fun of it, we are keeping the tradition alive, teaching our families to hunt and survive and to respect the animals provided to us.  People always ask the question “Don’t you feel bad killing an animal?” Of course, you feel terrible; it is not easy to take a living-breathing animal off the earth.  However, you have to understand, God provided us with the food we eat. With every animal we take, we say thank you to God for providing us with a food source.

 Now, there are people out there that do not respect animals or laws protecting them. That is where Boondogglers comes in.  As hunters ourselves, we want to provide information, guide services and locations where animals are taken in a way that is humane and respectful. Utilizing someone that feels getting into the back of a pickup truck and cracking open a beer and letting your dog loose to chase the animal back to you to shoot, is not what hunting is about nor do we want to promote this behavior. Boondogglers, wants to provide you our readers, places and people to utilize where they obey the law, and respect the resources provided to us. In addition, providing you with a hunting trip you will not forget.

So, please come on in, sit down by the fire for a spell and tell us your hunting story.  Our readers would love to hear about how your hunting trip was, what was great about it and what was not so great about it.  Heck, the best part of stories are the funny parts, we know we all have had them. 

Let us start this off, one of the owners of Boondogglers is an avid hunter, has been hunting for years.  One story in which never gets old is the one where his friend heading to the blind all of sudden had a nature call to make.  Well instead of heading back to the cabin, he decide to do what most of us would do and make the call of nature, in well the nature. After the call of nature was through, he got to his blind, sat down, and started his hunting day.  Well, after about an hour had past, a foul smell started to impregnate his nose.  As the smell started to become stronger, he felt as though his nature call, was calling him back.  However, in a search of the smell, he had found out he had, let us just say he should have moved his hoody before doing his nature call.  That is right his call of nature was not left behind, it was left in his hoody of his sweatshirt, which was right with him in the blind. 

We laughed for hours, which is what a good trip is about, sitting down telling stories and enjoying your friends. We welcome you in, all we ask is to try in keep the stories clean we are a family oriented site.