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5lb Bass finally caught at Spring Lake RV Resort

5lb Bass finally caught at Spring Lake RV Resort

First Name: Gene

Last Name: Aldridge

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 We discovered Spring Lake RV Resort about three years ago when Jeff and Marge first took it over. We immediately fell in love with it...especially the stocked, catch and release lake. We have caught a lot of bass, bream, bluegills, a few catfish in the three years we’ve been going there to camp in our fiver. None could compare with this weekend when I landed “Billy Bass” approximate five pounder using an articulated lure on 20# line. I could my fist into his mouth.

Spring Lake is our “home” campground even though we live 100 miles away. We get there as often as we can. Jeff has transformed this CG into the premier resort in Tennessee. Great level sites with full hookups, cable, WiFi, and that awesome Lake makes it a destination for those searching for a fun getaway location. But make your reservations well in advance...the word has gotten out about Spring Lake and reservations are a must.

Wanna to see the one I caught? Look on Boondogglers site...I’m the one in a white shirt and hat...holding a monster Bass. Yeah...I released him for someone else to experience the joy.

Happy fishing.

Visit Spring Lake RV Resort at, ask for Jeff or Marge. Make sure you tell them that Boondogglers sent ya.

Gulf Shore Galveston TX - Sea Trout

Gulf Shore Galveston TX - Sea Trout

Here at Boondogglers we want to hear all about your fishing, hunting, or RVing trips.  Let our readers know about your boondoggle. Where, what and who, do not leave anything out of your story.  The best story telling is the ones that captures everything, almost making your feel you were part of the trip.

Let us give you an example:  After spending the week in Houston, TX and dealing with attorneys, a boondoggle trip was scheduled.  July 2017, a charter was booked to do some gulf fishing.

The group decided it best to book a hotel room closer to our fishing location.  After a spirits run  we decided to feast at one of the local Chinese restaurants ( only wish I remembered the name, great food). After dinner, we went back to the hotel and pulled up a few chairs outside, where we relaxed over some beers, cigars, and Tennessee Whiskey (yes it was smoooooth).

Have to say, 4am comes very quickly, but because it was fishing it was not hard to get up and be gone from the hotel and straight to the boat.  Upon reaching our destination, we met Captain Dennis and set off for a day of fishing.  While heading to the fishing hole, the skies where orange on one side where the sun was starting to come up, but the other side had clouds standing high like city skyscrapers.  The skies were a dark gray and every few minutes you saw lighting dance across the sky.  Capt. Dennis (we just called him captain) assured us the day was to be a great day in the gulf.